Another Chance is All They Ask

Transitional Options for Women is a not for profit social service agency serving Roanoke Virginia and surrounding areas. 


The organization was founded by Dorothy Owsley whose education and countless years of hands on real life experience makes her a compassionate and more than qualified   organizational head.


 Our Mission

  Provide a safe transitional housing alternative for women released from prisons or jails by teaching a multitude of skills to empower the women    to become self-sufficient and facilitate positive attitude.

Because I have personal experience, by having my very own daughter go through this very same Metamorphosis, I know that this home can save lives as well as serve as a much needed resource in the community.

 Planting this seed in this community will be a one of a kind experience.  With your support and donations it will allow so many dreams that once were a distant memory become alive and fruitful. Together we can make that happen.

                                                                                                                     Dorothy Owsley
1729 patterson ave sw roanoke va 24016